About the Classes

Somatics – Mindful Movement

Somatic Movement Education combines modern neuro-science with ancient wisdom through a series of movements designed to return the whole body-mind to equilibrium. The brain re-learns to take back control of every muscle in the body so that tension is released and the whole body-mind can relax. Equally magical for a tired, stressed body and a frazzled nervous system.

Group classes involve students learning the Somatics exercises and practising them as instructed while being very mindful of what is going on internally.

Clinical Somatics is the hands-on form of Somatic Movement Education and is practised on a one-to-one basis. It involves the practitioner moving the body of the student sometimes passively and sometimes in conjunction with the student while the student lies fully-clothed either on the floor or on a low therapy table. As with the Somatics exercises, the movements re-train the brain to return the muscles to their correct resting length. At the end of a session, the student receives ‘homework’ exercises to keep up the learning.

Cost: €50 for four classes

Yoga for the Everyday Goddess

Find your Inner Goddess by connecting with the Deep Feminine to encounter your own intuitive wisdom, creativity and vitality. This practice offers something for body, mind & spirit in the form of somatic movement, Yoga postures, breath-work, deep relaxation / mindfulness and creative activity to support hormone balance, menstrual & menopausal health, bone strength, pelvic alignment, flexibility, muscle tone & posture.

Extended (3-hour) classes are open to all women with an interest in Mindful Movement for optimum health and vitality. Experience shows that because women are often the care-givers and the ones who nurture others, what they need most is some time out to nurture themselves. These classes offer the opportunity to do just that through a practice that supports women’s health at every stage in the female life-cycle from menstrual health, through fertility, pregnancy, menopause and beyond. All aspects of health – physical, mental and emotional – are addressed through sharing information, physical practice and deep relaxation. This is a Yoga practice that enables us to re-connect to ourselves and to our creativity (fertility – in whatever form we choose to create), inner wisdom and natural joy. Classes include:

  • Somatic practices to release muscle tension and correct muscle tone
  • Fluid movement to juice up blood flow, keeping organs healthy
  • Supportive practices to maintain uplift of pelvic organs
  • Weight-bearing to strengthen bones & improve bone density
  • Breath-work and powerful relaxation practices to promote hormone balance
  • Creative activity to connect with the intuitive deep feminine.

The aim of these classes is to accommodate women who cannot commit to a weekly class but who would like to participate in a movement class and develop a self (home) practice with the guidance of a qualified teacher. If you would like to practice at a time that suits you, in your own home and for however long you can fit into your time schedule, these classes will give you the tools to develop such a practice and at the same time, have a regular check-in with an experienced teacher.

These are extended classes (3 hours) This allows time for students to become centred (present), and to have a movement practice, breathwork and full relaxation.

Cost: 35 Euros for 3-hour class

Yoga Soma

Classes blend Somatic movement to warm up the body and release muscle tension, correct muscle tone and improve alignment; Asana (postures) with mindfulness, breathwork and relaxation to leave you feeling refreshed and more at ease in your body-mind.

At Anu Yoga, you are invited to work with your own body in a safe and enjoyable way; to become aware (mindful) of your own body – its potential and limitations – without comparison to others and thereby to discover balance and freedom. A space is created within which, you can allow Yoga poses to unfold to the extent to which your body is ready. In this sense, the practice can be both gentle and strong, as you are encouraged to experience each pose from within, always acknowledging and honouring how your body feels in each moment. There is an emphasis on breath with movement to allow you to safely explore your own body – inside and out! All you need to bring with you is a willingness to spend some time getting to know your body-mind ♥

Cost: €50 for four classes

Individual Classes

Individual Classes are one-to-one sessions including a postural assessment and a tailored plan to suit your needs. These classes are particularly useful if you have issues that cannot be specifically addressed in a regular / group class. 

Cost: €60 per hour

Teen Yoga

Classes for pre-teen and teenage girls focusing on healthy body-awareness and the menstrual cycle in the pipe-line

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